Want to keep your Indoor cat happy and content? Some Tricky Things to Follow..

Your feline friend is most probably the most happening thing for you and that is absolutely justifiable. After all no one can come close to the kind of treatment that you get from your furry friend. But it is not necessary for you to keep your cat outdoors to make their day.

Gone are the days when it was felt that cats need to be kept outside the house. Today you can make your indoor cat’s life interesting and happy by enriching the indoor environment in such a way that they forget about their outdoor life. Remember cats have the natural flair of hunting and so they always long for space that can assist them to move freely. But this can be achieved in indoors too.

Let us look at the different ways you can keep your indoor cat happy and content:

1. Have cat toys at the disposal of your kitty

All indoor cats have flair for toys. Their life changes drastically when they have a paper bag to play with or rolling paper balls to motorized mice and laser pointers. These things can keep them busy and give them a joyous feeling about the surroundings.

2. Scratch boxes in the house will be of great help

It is a known fact that all cats love to scratch. It not only keeps them busy but it also enables them to get rid of broken claws, stretch muscles, and mark its territory.

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If you are concerned about the state of your furniture with your feline friend around don’t be…..You can now have different places for your kitty to scratch encompassing cat trees and posts, cardboard scratching pad, cardboard scratching boxes, and certain cat tricks like putting a ball in a circular manner by partially opening the plastic tunnel surrounding the cardboard scratching pad.

You can even spray catnip on your indoor cat on a weekly basis to keep them interested.

3. Provide window space for the cat to get an overview of the surrounding environment

For human beings television is the basic necessity today and for our feline friends the same is true with windows. It is the best entertainment medium available to them to get entertained. They can see birds flying, animals moving which will make their day pleasant.

Always ensure that the space inside the window is not much because it may cause some accident and also the cords should be tucked properly so that their legs and other body parts do not get entangled in them.

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4. Take your kitty on walk on a leash

Even your indoor cats need some outdoor time and so you need to make your feline learn how to walk on a leash. Remember the leash needs to be ultra-lightweight, retractable which is attached to a harness and not a collar. Practice with your kitty in the indoors before taking them outside on the leash. The practice will ensure that your feline will get used to the leash in the outdoors.

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5. Green is the new way to go for cats

Cats have a strong liking towards plants. But before getting the plants it is very important to check the list of plants that are not good for your feline. You can get the list by visiting the website: www.aspca.org/apcc. After looking at the ones that should not be there in your house get the ones that will make the day of your feline.

6. Spend quality one-on-one time with your cat

The best thing that a cat parent can ever do for their indoor cats is to spend quality time with them. Remember there is no substitute for this. If you play with your feline, groom them, pet them or just hang out with them it gives them the assurance that you care for them.

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