Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner so have you made any plans yet? If not, then you can start right away, but also tag along with your four-legged buddy which would enhance the special occasion. It is the start of summers so why not pack your bag and go camping with your buddy? There are lots of pet-friendly campgrounds to select in our country.

Look for pet-friendly parks and plazas to spend quality time with your furry pal by packing your lunch, grabbing a frisbee and rolling over a blanket. Or you can alternatively decide to go for hiking trails but before embarking on the journey make sure that you have sufficient water for you and your bundle of love. Alternatively, you can better it by getting on a trolley ride with your entire family including your pet.

While enjoying these things ensure that your pet stays away from the firework display as the noise and the colorful display may make him stressful. Also, before conducting any activity ensure that it is totally pet friendly.

On top of these careful measures it is also important that you are up to date with all the treatments of the pet, including flea & tick, wormers and wound-care amongst others. You do not want your pet to suffer in silence due to the long weekend holiday as it might be difficult to find a veterinarian during the festivities. So before the long weekend starts ensure that you have all the requisite pet care supplies with you.

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The one thing that pet owners are always looking for is to curtail their pet care expenses and so CanadaPetCare has announced a site-wide sale of 20% discount on all its pet care supplies this Memorial Day. CanadaPetCare has become one of the most reliable online pet supplies store in a very short time. It believes in providing qualitative and branded pet products at a price which does not hurt the pockets of pet owners.

The online store sells products for dogs, cats and birds distributed in different categories like flea & tick control, heartworms, joint care, wormers, wound-care, eye & ear along with teeth. Due to these streamlined sections on the site, it is very easy for pet owners to select their desired pet products easily.

What Does Memorial Day Sale Mean To Pet Owners?

As mentioned earlier, the prices at the online store are already competitive and on top of it memorial day sales is your chance to get additional discount apart from the already curtailed prices on the shopping destination. So it is a must-shop scenario for you. You might have missed out on getting certain products due to their high prices but with the Memorial Day Sale, you can now get these products at an amazingly low price which you may not get at any other online store in our country.

So why wait? Shop today and reap the benefits of getting quality branded pet products at a never seen before price!! But while shopping on CanadaPetCare do not forget to use the Coupon Code “SALUTE20” to avail the special discounts.

See also  Keep Heartworm Away From Your Pets Heart [Infographic]

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