Dog owners always want to ensure that their tyke remains in the pink of their health. But there are times when these furry friends have to deal with irritating pests encompassing fleas and ticks which make their life miserable.

To relieve them from this predicament, as a dog owner, you have various flea and tick preventative options available in the market. Some of them are topical treatment, while others are oral.

Bravecto is one such ingenious flea and tick preventative treatment that not only gets rid of fleas and ticks but also is loved by dogs of all breeds.

Why Choose Bravecto for Your Pet’s Flea and Tick Protection

Bravecto is a flea and tick preventative treatment specifically developed for dogs that comes in oral tasty flavor that protects your pooch from fleas and ticks for a maximum of 12 weeks. The great thing about this product is that with a 4 time dose on a yearly basis, you can keep fleas and ticks at bay and ensure that your furry friend is having a trouble-free life.

What Makes Bravecto Different From Other Flea And Tick Preventative Treatments Available In The Market?

  • Unlike other flea and tick treatments which need to be administered on a monthly basis, Bravecto is effective against flea and ticks for approximately three months hence, you need to give this chewable to your dog only four times in an year to get full protection from fleas and ticks
  • You get the freedom from the tiring job of cleaning after administering topical flea and tick treatments and since it is an oral treatment there is no need to worry about keeping your dogs away from the water
  • The price of Bravecto is comparable or even less to other flea and tick treatments because it needs to be given only four times on an annual basis
  • It kills lone star ticks for 8 weeks, which are prevalent in the Eastern part of the USA
  • Kills 100% fleas within 2 hours of administration and ticks within ½ a day, which is not possible with other flea and tick preventative
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Salient Features of Bravecto:

  • An effective oral chewable with highly palatable taste
  • Kills fleas within 2 hours of administration
  • Within ½ a day of administration all fleas and ticks are dead
  • Effective against three most common ticks found in Canada: American dog tick, Brown dog tick,  and black-legged tick
  • Kills lone star ticks for 8 weeks
  • Safe to be given to breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs
  • Need to take a recommendation from your veterinarian before administrating this oral chewable to dogs

How Does Bravecto Work?

When the dog eats the chewable it swiftly gets to tissue fluids which are based under the dog’s skin. When fleas and ticks try to suck the blood from the dog’s body, they consume Bravecto and die. Bravecto initiates to work within 2 hours of administration. Within 12 hours of administration, all fleas and ticks on the body of the dog die. This ingenious treatment exterminates fleas, averts flea infestations, and kills black-legged ticks, American Dog Ticks and Brown Dog Ticks for three months. It also eliminates lone star ticks for 2 months.

When Should I Start Giving Bravecto Chews To My Dogs?

Bravecto is recommended for dogs and puppies 6 months of age and older with a weight of 4.4 lbs or greater

Precautions To Take While Administering Bravecto Chewables To Dogs

  • Take prior consent from your veterinarian before administering this chewable to dogs
  • Puppies younger than 6 months of age should not be given Bravecto
  • After 8 weeks from dosage it is not possible to treat lone star ticks and a re-dose may be required
  • Only dogs need to be given this chewable as adverse reactions to the treatment might occur in cats
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It has been proven scientifically that Bravecto chewable oral treatment works effectively for 3 full months in preventing flea and ticks. Hence, it will definitely work on your furry friend. This winter season keep your pooch free from these annoying parasites. Start administering the dosage today and you will see amazing results within ½ a day of administration. The great thing about this flea and tick preventative is that your dog gets complete protection for a maximum of 12 weeks, which makes them scratch less and have more fun time with you.

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