The next time you travel, leave your fur baby in the capable hands of a trusted house sitter. In-home pet sitting is the best way to ensure the best care!

It’s never easy to leave your fur baby behind when you go away. But knowing they’re in good hands makes it a lot easier to say goodbye. There are options out there, and the best one by far is in-home pet sitting. Let’s explore seven reasons to choose a pet sitter next time you go away and how to find the right one.

1. Less Stress and Anxiety for Dogs and Cats

Being separated from their humans is stressful for dogs and cats, even if they’re not prone to separation anxiety. Getting to stay in their own home with familiar items and smells can make the situation a lot easier.

2. Dogs and Cats Don’t Have to Deal with Travel

Between the actual travel by car/plane, being away from home, and having a disrupted routine, travel can be an even greater source of anxiety for many animals than being away from you. For most dogs and cats, staying home with a trusted pet sitter is a much better option.

3. It Minimizes Disruptions

Dogs and cats have routines just like people. They get used to eating, going for walks, playing, and even going to the bathroom at certain times, and they don’t always like change. An in-home pet sitter can work with the routines you’ve established with your dog or cat.

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4. They Get Round-the-Clock Care

In-home pet sitting is the next best thing to you being home. Your favorite fur baby is going to get love, attention, and care throughout the day and night.

5. It’s Great for Animals with Special Needs

Puppies, kittens, seniors, animals with health conditions, and animals on medication require extra attention—attention they might not get if they’re at a kennel with lots of other animals and not enough humans. An in-home pet sitter will give your dog or cat the one-on-one love and attention they need and deserve.

6. Veterinarians Recommend It

Many veterinarians recognize the benefits of in-home pet sitting. They recommend it especially for animals who experience separation anxiety, feel stress in unfamiliar environments, or have medical conditions or special needs.

7. You’ll Get to Keep in Touch with Fido or Oscar

Having a trusted pet sitter at home with your animal companion gives you peace of mind. They can keep you updated with status reports, pictures, videos, and video calls between you and your fur baby!

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