Whether you are still in school or you spend countless hours working, you need to grab a bite every once in a while. Besides, lunch bags and boxes don’t take up  too much space, and are easy to carry and store.  And what’s better than eating out of a lunch box that you love and are proud to show?

A black bag with cats drawn with white lines; they are overlapping each other and look like a result of sound or ocean waves.

A classic lunch bag you have surely seen somewhere before. This one however has many great qualities: it’s insulated, which means your food stays fresh for longer; it’s large, which means more food for you; it has a cute design, making your lunch much more interesting; it’s reusable and eco-friendly, definitely a better solution than constantly throwing er or plastic bags.


A soft blue bag with a white cat in the center.

A not-so-little, waterproof, easy to clean, and portable lunch bag is perfect for any human, no matter how small or big they are. It’s perfect for any snacks you might want to eat while at work or school, and for any crazy picnic or BBQ parties you have planned.


A black bag with an illustration of a tuxedo cat.

A simple black lunch bag with two tuxedo cats to choose from – Paloma and Picasso. The drawings are original and based on the artist’s own two cats with wicked ideas in their heads.


A soft blue bag with a cute design of white cats with orange markings.

Undoubtedly the most unique design on this list. On top of the adorable cat design, the lunch bag doubles as a place mat, giving you a clean space to eat.


A big pink, rectangular bag with different colorful cat heads.

A more vibrant, yet still elegant and cheerful design. Optimal for picnics and lunches in the shade. Bigger is not always better, but with this lunch bag you will be able to share your lunch… or not. In any case, people around you will be jealous, and you will be forever known as the person with the coolest cat lunch bag.

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A pastel pink bag with a small and delicate illustration of two white cats.

Yet another more delicate approach to a lunch bag. No crazy designs, soft colors, and cute, hand-drawn miniature illustrations of white blobs known as cats. Even though many people would disagree that cats are angels, they would still make a small lunch specifically for this lunch bag.


A navy blue bag with a simplistic white cat head at the bottom.

A more delicate approach to a cat lunch bag. Suppose you don’t want to look like a stereotype of a crazy cat person, screaming from every Instagram story about your love for your furbabies. In that case this more simplistic concept could solve your problems of a rumbling stomach.


A very colorful, pastel bag with cute cats inside bananas; just their heads are sticking out of the peels.

Sweet, pastel colors and an adorable design will definitely be a favorite school item of any young cat lover. An adjustable strap will make it easier to store and carry the energy needed throughout the day.


A purple bag with white cats in different some positions; some are laying, some are sitting.

Another classic lunch bag design; it’s a classic for a reason – it doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be carried by even the smallest pair of hands without needing to forcefully squeeze it into a bag. With the help of neoprene material, the food will be kept warm or cold for a few hours.


A big bag with different cats, overlapping each other; some are sleeping, some are curiously watching.

Quite a large bag compared to other products of the same type. Others have praised it for a super cute design, and we couldn’t agree more; the design is quite unique and eye-catching.


Two black plastic containers, connected with two hinges. The magical black cat's face from Kiki's Delivery Service can be seen on top.

A lunch box perfect for those who don’t want to expose their love for cats to the entire world. Fans of delicious and warm home-cooked meals will also enjoy these two black containers… and, of course, the magical black cat from beloved Kiki’s Delivery Service. That is the main and most significant selling point.

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