Every pet owner wants to ensure their pet lives a stress-free life. If you have a cat who hides in the darkest corner under the sofa, fights with other housemate cats, hisses, experiences hair loss, has weight issues, vomits, scratches or sprays your furniture- these may be the indicators of stress or anxiety, and Feliway products could help you eliminate those problems. Every cat is different and unique in their own little way, so be sure to check what works best for you and, most importantly, your cat.

What is Feliway? To put it simply, Feliway is a special product that releases calming, synthetic pheromones to help your cat relax and relieve them of any stress or anxiety, or at least lessen stressful situations and deter them from behaving inappropriately. Feliway’s products mimic the scent cats emit through their cheek glands.

There are two types of Feliway formula – diffuser or a spray?

Feliway classic  - deffusers for cats

Feliway diffuser covers up to 700 square feet (or 65 square meters). Make sure to plug it in a place where the inappropriate behaviours are occurring the most, and where it won’t be obstructed by any furniture or curtains, as it may impair how it works. Feliway recommends replacing the vial every 4 weeks and the diffuser head every 6 weeks.

Feliway classic for cats - information about situations when Felliway works

The Feliway spray is a great choice if you are on the go, and need to take your little friend with you. For travel or transportation purposes, you can spray it inside the carrier or on a towel to make your cat feel more comfortable, and not be worried about awful and stressful vet visits. It can also be used on the surfaces that are being scratched or urinated on.

Feliway deffuser to calm down a cat in stressful situations

The first original formula, Feliway classic, is an odourless copy of the facial pheromones your cat leaves when they mark places by rubbing their face on them, for example your furniture. It calms your cat down (whether or not it’s because of the veterinary or groomer visits), helps them adjust to new, unusual and often challenging situations (new home, new family member or a new pet), and encourages them to feel happy and comfortable in their new environment. It also helps with inappropriate scratching and urinating outside the litter box due to stress or territorialism.

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The second formula (Feliway MultiCat) is ideal for a multi-cat household, where there is some kind of tension or conflict between cats. Signs of tension may include biting, hissing, stalking, growling, fleeing from other cats in the house or a twitching tail. Feliway’s product mimics the natural pheromone produced by mother cats, helps calm cats for better socialisation, and reduces tension or conflict between different cats at home. It’s only available as a diffuser refill.

Where to buy Feliway?

Feliway for cats is produced by Ceva Sante Animale, one of the biggest multinational animal health companies based in France. Cat owners can buy Feliway in their local pet store or at online stores, links to which you will find below.

Feliway tarter kit

Feliway Classic Diffuser Starter Kit for Cats Amazon

Feliway multicat diffuser  - a picture of the product that is availbale on Amazon, Walmart, or Pepco

Feliway 30 Day Multicat Diffuser Plug-in Starter Kit on Amazon

Feliway spray Amazon

Feliway Spray Amazon

Feliway Classic Plug-in Diffuser and Refill

Feliway Classic Plug-in Diffuser and Refill on Amazon

 A picture of Feliway wipes for cats that is available on Chewy

Feliway Calming Travel Cat Wipes (12 wipes) on Chewy

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