We love all animals, with a special fondness for cats. We also love reading memoirs and books centered around feline companions, that guide and inspire cat-parents to make their cat’s life better. If this resonates with you, we invite you to explore our review of The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa.

My friends couldn’t stop talking about another remarkable book, “The Travelling Cat Chronicles” by Hiro Arikawa, and it definitely piqued my interest. While I regret not having read Zachary Houle’s review of “The Travelling Cat Chronicles” beforehand, I wish I had been aware that having a few boxes of Kleenex at my side would be a wise move before delving into this emotionally charged read.

The novel unfolds through the perspective of Nana, a cat whose name means “seven” in Japanese. Nana, once a stray, is taken in by Satoru, a young man who rescues him following a car accident. It becomes evident that Satoru is unable to provide the care Nana deserve, and that is the reason why the young man decides to start his journey in a silver van across Japan. His mission: to secure a nurturing home for his beloved feline companion. Notably, Nana’s striking resemblance to Hachi, a cherished cat from Satoru’s childhood, adds a layer to their journey.

When I first saw him, I was surprised, too. For a second I thought it was Hachi.

Hiro Arikawa skillfully weaves Nana and Satoru’s relationship with the finesse of a painter subtly infusing depth and vibrancy into a canvas. The narrative flows effortlessly, creating an inviting and soothing reading experience. As you immerse yourself in the pages, you’ll find yourself transitioning into the role of a keen observer, witnessing their journey and escapades unfold. the cat seemingly grasps the nuances of the human, and the owner, in turn, seems attuned to the language of felines.

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At one point for me the story metamorphosed into the blooming Japanese sakura with the scent of shared between a man and his feline companion, and timeless, school-like friendship.

Although Satoru had a very difficult childhood (his parents died in a car accident, he had to change schools and could not keep his cat Hachi) he cared for his school friends and his aunt, who brought him up. Satoru decided to honor them when he knew … I would not like to spoil the end of the book.

Despite a challenging upbringing marked by the tragic loss of his parents in a car accident and subsequent school transfers that led to parting ways with his cherished cat, Hachi, Satoru demonstrated a genuine concern for his peers and his aunt, who assumed the role of his caregiver. Driven by a desire to honor them when he found out that… but I do not want to reveal much about how the book ends.

Oh, and Nana–the perfect feline companion. He’s a connoisseur of breathtaking seaside views and the majestic Mount Fuji, sharing these moments with his owner. Nana isn’t just а typical cat; he engages in a sort of “pet diplomacy,” negotiating with fellow animals to ensure the journey with Satoru keeps rolling.

I thought it would be great if we could travel together like this for the rest of our lives.

Even in the most challenging circumstances, much like any devoted companion, Nana stood by his owner’s side until the very end, bravely confronting every hurdle that came his way. Hiro Arikawa’s profound understanding of feline nature shines through, evident in Nana’s character–a clever, humorous, and loyal cat, complete with his own unique thoughts, emotions, and principles.

“The Travelling Cat Chronicles” by Hiro Arikawa is a poignant and captivating exploration of Japan, friendship, and the unique bond that resonates deeply with genuine cat enthusiasts. It delves into a connection that only those who truly understand their feline companions can truly appreciate. A must-read for every cat lover and owner, whether they’ve shared their life with a furry friend in the past, are currently doing so, or are looking forward to.

The Travelling Cat Chronicles quotes

Enjoy the selection of my favorite quotes from Hiro Arikawa’s “The Travelling Cat Chronicles,”:

  1. In the cat world, good manners are a must.
  2. ‘Do you really want to see the cat that much?’ ‘He’s family, ’ Satoru replied.
  3. Always looking on the bright side.
  4. As I explained earlier, most animals are multilingual when it comes to listening, but reading is beyond us.
  5. Our silver van was like a magic carriage. Every time I got into it, it carried me to a place I’d never been before. At that moment, we were without doubt the greatest travelers in the world. And I was the world’s greatest travelling cat.
  6. What can I tell you? Cats are realists.
  7. A waste of time. Cats the world over prefer to discover things they like on their own and rarely go for anything that’s been provided for them.
  8. Anybody who has a cat will understand.

The Traveling Cat Chronicles: FAQ

Who are the main characters of The Travelling Cat Chronicles?

The main characters of “The Travelling Cat Chronicles” are Nana, a cat with a distinctive personality and charm, and Satoru, his owner.

The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa


“The Travelling Cat Chronicles” by Hiro Arikawa is an exquisite ode to the impact animals have on our lives, It reminds us of the amazing bond we share with our furry pals and the special moments we create together.

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