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β€œHi, my name is Draco, it means dragon in Latin. My new name makes me feel mystical and brave. Even though I’m special needs, don’t let that stop you from continuing to read my story!
I was found in Cleveland TX and it was soon discovered that I was deaf and sight impaired. Being sight impaired means, I see shadows and some objects even at night I can follow lights, shadows, and different objects. During the day it’s a little harder, especially in the bright sun, my eyes are very sensitive, sometimes I even close them and run to get into the shade where it’s easier for me to see.
My foster mom says I’m “perfectly imperfect” and I’m the sweetest, softest, most cuddliest puppy she’s had the pleasure of fostering. She’s already starting to teach me dog sign language, and says I’m a quick learner. I’m doing very well in my potty training. I don’t like to be in a puppy pen that’s wet or dirty, so I’m learning how to hold it until I go outside. I love to go outside, especially in the early morning and the evening when it’s shady and cool. I’m learning how to love playing with toys even though I can’t hear the squeakers. I love to play tug-of-war and snuggle with my stuffed babies. I have been learning how to walk on a leash. I feel safest when I can see you and feel you near me. When I’m fast asleep, I don’t hear you come in so my foster mommy puts her hand close to my nose so I can smell her scent and then gently touches my shoulder until I wake up. I’m always VERY happy and excited to see her.
I love it when the kids come to the house to play, and I’m getting used to being around the other dogs in the house and hope to be able to play with them soon! So, if you have experience with special dogs like me, or are willing to learn and put in the work and go on this journey with me, please fill out an application. I’d love to meet you!”
Draco is about 14 weeks old and is in Houston, TX. We are looking for a home in/around the area! Submit an app here if you’re interested: this-is-houston.org/adopt

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